Who the Hell is Jeffrey Clark?

Review: The best series on TV right now

3 min readJun 24, 2022


Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Boy, oh boy. The Select Committee Investigating the Events of January Sixth 2021 is easily the best thing on my TV right now.

A lot better than any Star Wars stuff.

It must be driving Donald Trump, the TV guy, nuts.

The ratings! The bad guys! The heroes (two black women from Georgia whose lives were ruined by Darth Donald and his trusty lackey, Rudy Guiliani)!

The Donald Show has nothing on this.

We are four episodes in and I can’t wait for more. Seriously, the craziness that these people inflicted on the American people is way beyond anything Hollywood could invent.

It’s actually terrifying how close it all came to working.

It’s too easy to carry the Evil Empire metaphor all the way, but when you think about it, everything fits the plot. It’s just that stupid and dangerous what they were doing. And they dug up some real fanatics in Dr. John Eastman and attorney Jeffrey Clark, two stooges whose role was to say anything that Donald Trump wanted to hear and to kiss his ring (I’m being polite here).

This is history unfolding in real time, entirely on the record. And it appears to be doing its job of undermining the insane narrative that Donald Trump was some kind of hero.

The guy was nothing but a desperate grifter who ran out his luck. And we are all seeing how pitiful his scams were.

He did not care about the country, the Constitution, the American people, the state of the Nation. He was so wrapped in his ego and so needy that he would bring it all down to avoid the dreaded loser designation.



I am struck by the clarity and relentless presentation of the Committee. I have never seen a similar effort by a group of politicians, working across the aisle to serve the American public. Yes, I know there are no screaming Jim Jordans there to disrupt the story.

They were too busy asking for pardons.

Actually, the pardons are the real story here, the subplot that will loom large as things progress. A request for a pardon is an…




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