When Writers Are Obviously Lying

This is out of control



Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

This morning I read a piece by a writer whose stories of his successes do not add up. Not even remotely.

Why would you brag about making $100 a week, when in a previous story you bragged about selling a business for $250,000?

Actually, why would you brag about either thing?

I know a few people who have built businesses and sold them for a lot of money. They don’t talk about money, ever.

They certainly do not write articles about how much they made or how easy it was.

Because it was not easy. They worked hard, for years.

When you see a title promising easy wealth, please understand that you are being used by a writer who is trying anything to make a buck.

It’s a scam, and there is too much of it. And it is the oldest story in the book. We all want the secret sauce, the thing we seem to be missing on the road to a happy life. The roadmap.

You know, Seven Ways To Succeed As…

Here’s the thing: if there were seven or five or whatever number of steps to success, why wouldn’t we all be doing that? If I had a magical formula, why would I be writing about it? To make a hundred bucks?

I don’t think so.

This kind of writing is a form of pollution, mental pollution, and I’m sick of it. As writers, and readers, we can do better. We can ditch the formula and stop dreaming for a few minutes. Or start dreaming on a bigger scale.

Success in life is seldom something that happens overnight. And when it does, we end up reading about lottery winners whose lives crashed and burned after winning huge sums of money. Because money is only a resource, not the end game.

The end game is a different goal and you have to figure out what yours might be. Perhaps it is a roof over your head and the bills getting paid. Maybe it’s a Lamborghini in Miami and YouTube fame, pitiful as that sounds to me (it’s obviously not my happy). But if that is your good place in life, I’m there with you.

Go for it. But understand there is always a back story, a path that may not be what you thought it was. The person bragging…




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