Unrest in China, Unrest in Russia, Unrest in Iran

Is authoritarianism collapsing?

4 min readNov 28, 2022


Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Meanwhile here in the States things are relatively calm. Did something happen, some kind of tipping point?

These three countries are major powers in their respective spheres of influence including Eastern Europe in the case of Russia, APAC with China, and the Middle East with Iran. And these are not minor outbursts, they are people risking their lives to speak out. Each situation is different but they share common attributes. The State wields absolute power, the penalty for speaking out can be death, torture, imprisonment, or disappeance.

In Russia the unrest is less blatant but there is an undercurrent of fear and anger about the Ukraine war and its effects on the society, families, and the economy, which is collapsing. We are witnessing the rapid downfall of a once Great Power, the historical enemy of the modern US.

It’s own people are seeing their vaunted military revealed as hollow and leaderless, with no consideration for the welfare of its soldiers who are dying in mass numbers, freezing, ill equipped, and abandoned by their officers at the first sign of trouble. Their leader is desperate and hopefully realizing that his dream of a new Russian Empire has collapsed.

China, widely considered the number two power on the planet, which experienced an almost inconceivable stretch of growth, is now stalled by draconian anti-Covid lockdowns and the complete crushing of any right to speak out against its absolute leader for life, Xi Jinping. But something remarkable is happening.

The people are in the streets of Shanghai calling for the resignation of Xi and the end of Communism. The risks these crowds are taking are unbelievable. Their authoritarian leaders cannot hear their shouts for freedom without taking violent action, but that threat, so far, has not ended the protests.

We know what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and recently in Hong Kong, but this is the modern mainland and it is spreading.

Iran is facing nationwide protests over religious restrictions and the violence of the police and government against those protesters with hundreds arrested or tortured and killed, many the next generation of…




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