UFOs, Lauren Boebert, and Lots of Laughs in Congress

Has anyone else noticed we have gone off the rails?

5 min readSep 19


Just close your eyes and maybe it will all go away. Photo by Alexander Zvir on Unsplash

Ok, let’s get this UFO thing out of the way. The Pentagon announced that there is no evidence they are of extraterrestrial origin. I suppose that might be comforting if you lie awake wondering about this stuff, but if not, what the hell are they?

And why would you care, except that they are one more sideshow in the entertainment colossus that is the American federal government? We actually have Congress members demanding answers on whether there are little green men flying around out there.

If they are here they would be nuts to get involved with humans, who look pretty crazy and extremely dangerous from an outside perspective. Have you randomly chosen a streaming TV series lately that did not involve watching people shoot and torture each other for entertainment?

We love this stuff. So, let’s not waste any more time worrying about UFOs.

Then there is the wonder that is congresswoman Lauren Boebert, fringe media’s favorite bimbo, a word I know is an insult to women the world over. But she is an insult to women the world over.

I have probably written the phrase ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ a half dozen times in the last year. I’m going to retire it, but Representative Boebert is making that difficult. The other phrase I need to work on is a variation of ‘don’t they realize there are cameras everywhere?’.

Like when you’re a major political figure from a media perspective and you go on a date, to a kid friendly performance, make a lot of noise, vape, grope your date, and vice versa, and get unceremoniously kicked out of the show.

You can’t…oh yeah, nope. And to cap this wonderful break from actual news, her date is a Democrat bar owner whose place is gay and drag friendly.

Yes, yes, yes!

So now we get down to business and talk about the the future of the country and the powerful and effective work Ms. Boebert and her esteemed colleagues are doing in Congress to help our country thrive into the future, combat climate change, and promote human rights and equality for all.




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