Trump Needs a Babysitter, the GOP Needs a Truth Teller

The shameful denial of the Republican Party



Photo by Caleb Perez on Unsplash

It only took two weeks after his announcement of running in 2024 for the former President to do something unbearably stupid. He has a real talent for derailing things and this time it was a doozy, publicly hanging out with a mentally ill anti-semitic celebrity and one of the most repulsive bigots on the planet.

But we expect that kind of stuff from him. He is not happy unless he is creating chaos around himself. It is being reported that his staff will now be monitoring his every action in an attempt to keep him in check. Good luck with that.

As to his claims that he did not know Fuentes, the neo-Nazi racist self-proclaimed misogynist (this guy basically hates everyone), the Secret Service vets all visitors to the ex-President for security purposes and his history would have been well known.

It’s just more of his endless excuses after intentionally doing or saying something stupid. Grownups don’t make excuses when they screw-up. And grownups speak up when a peer behaves abominably, unless those grownups are the Republican Leadership.

Which brings us to the truly repulsive part of this story. Not one Republican leader would relate Trump’s name to his association with these people, even as they say they are disgusted by anyone associating with racists and fascists. Even after this shameful publicity grab, they cannot bring themselves to go on the record about the facts, because Trump is involved.

This highlights the number one difference between the Democrats and the Republicans: honesty. Dishonesty has become totally acceptable to the GOP, in fact willingness to outright lie and bend the truth are almost requirements to be a member.

The lying is incredibly extensive and covers things that are core to the American way, like the sanctity of elections and upholding the Constitution, not to mention honoring the rights of women, people of color, and LGBQT citizens. Please note that while this applies to the majority of GOP leaders, there is a small minority that clings to their ideals when they can.

This dishonesty is a malaise that has infected our country and created division as we find…




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