Trump Has a Plan: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

His intentions are very clear: the end of democracy



Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash

We know the man is a narcissist but the extent of that self-worship is now completely out in the open, and he is the one telling us what he wants.

As many writers have pointed out, his primary policy will be personal revenge on a scale never seen before. He is recruiting an army of lawyers who do not believe in the Constitution of the United States or the rule of law, the primary responsibilities of being an attorney at law in America.

But that is only part of the plan. Before we get into the bigger picture, let’s look at what he clearly states he will use those lawyers for. Their job is to use the law to attack anyone Trump perceives as a threat of any kind. There will be no due process or evidence required.

If Trump says destroy them, they will go after his target.

That’s just the beginning. He intends to fill thousands of civil service positions with his people, regardless of competency, across the entire government. His biggest target will be a takeover of the Department of Justice turning it into the ultimate instrument of revenge and control.

It sounds like a wacko conspiracy theory, right? It would if I were making it up but this comes directly from Trump’s own words in multiple interviews on video. He is very clear on his objectives: Complete control and the use of the law to punish and destroy.

It is important to remember that this man is a former president of the United States. He has real power. And he will do anything to realize his vision of complete control and worship, including immediately claiming another stolen election if he is losing, throwing our country into a kind of civil war far beyond the January Sixth insurrection he organized after his last loss.

Adding to this strange and frightening scenario is the man’s apparently failing memory and incoherent rambling whenever he speaks in public. And the increasing desperation as his indictments and their trials take up all his time.

He faces jail time and while he may see that as a way to increase his popularity with his followers, it is still a reality he cannot comprehend. He cannot stand even a…




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