This Deleted Text Issue is Out of Control

It is starting to look like a smoking gun

3 min readAug 2, 2022


Photo by Noizy Bull on Unsplash

Everything about this stinks to high heaven, including the constantly shifting excuses that create a bewildering timeline of why and when. And everyday it seems the scandal is expanding. And scandal is not too harsh a word.

First it was the Secret Service and oddly, the ‘disappearance’ happened to cover the days around the January sixth insurrection. Then it was announced that texts were missing from high level, Trump-appointed Homeland Security officials including the acting director. And the person charged with oversight, the Inspector General, happens to be a Trump appointee who is still in the job.

He apparently knew the texts would be wiped weeks before it happened and after their contents had been requested by the January Sixth Select Committee investigating the events of that day in 2021. There are numerous calls for his resignation.

If this clown circus cover up couldn’t seem to get worse, CNN reports now that top Pentagon officials appointed by Trump are missing texts also. This negates the excuse that the Secret Service losses were caused by a planned cell phone wipe, since they are not members of the Service. Btw, the Secret Service Inspector General claims he sent them a letter instructing them to keep the texts. They say they never got it.

Really guys?

All of these erasures are violations of the National Archive act which mandates protecting all federal government documents, a serious crime. So, what does this all mean?

As I’ve written about previously, these texts could answer some extremely important questions about who ordered what at critical times and reveal the former President’s behavior during the 187 minutes when he refused to take any action.

The events of that day and the days preceding it are extremely compressed with near constant pressures on many in government, conflicting stories, and what seems to be the signs of an obvious, if boneheaded, coverup appearing just as things get hot for Trump and his co-conspirators.

The questions are serious. For example, who ordered the Secret Service to get Pence into a car and out of the Capitol, an order he refused to…




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