This Constant Writing About Money is Destroying Medium

The survival of this place is important- don’t ruin it

2 min readMay 6, 2021


My home page is overrun with stories about money and I hate it. When you publish this stuff you are contributing to the dilution of quality that could close this place down. The team here is struggling to make the site a viable business and as writers we need it.

I understand that money is very important in our society. I’m very happy when it comes in. But it should not be the primary topic in articles here. When you write this stuff you not only hurt yourself, you risk killing a platform. A platform that, ironically, can actually help writers earn a living.

You’re not bringing actual readers in

You’re chasing them away. Imagine a non-writer coming here and having to wade through a sea of ‘get rich quick tips’ stories. It’s trash. Readers come here for insight, not your numbers. There are unlimited subjects out there and the best performing articles are not these money themed tabloid things.

Don’t believe me? In your home feed there is a section where you can see the Most Popular articles. They share several characteristics. They are longer. Four or more minute reads. They are about actual experiences that the writer learned from. Insights. They are stories.

The money pieces seek to break down the ‘secrets’ to earning bucks as a writer. And some of those pieces probably make money. But the articles in the Most Popular category are there because people read them. And they do not, as a rule, focus on gaming the system.

And they make the real money. They add value, both to readers and, as a result, to Medium.

I don’t know about you but I want this place to survive and thrive. Writing this unimaginative, derivative crap is going to kill it.




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