There’s a Dark Storm Brewing Around the Trump Party, and It’s a Big One

It’s either the beginning or the end

4 min readFeb 11, 2022


Photo by lee junda on Unsplash

Everyday we learn more about the chaos in the White House after the 2020 election. Desperate men and women first tried to rein in the soon to be ex-president, and when that was unsuccessful many began abandoning ship, often surreptitiously, with lucrative book deals in their back pockets.

Those who stayed assembled plans to take the country apart, plans that might have succeeded if they weren’t grounded In fanaticism, fanaticism that made those plans wildly illegal and pretty stupid most of the time. But beneath that crazy surface a large group of mostly white men were doing all they could to destroy the Constitution and undo 250 years of halting progress towards a democratic ideal.

Men like Bannon and Navarro, whose goal is no less than a civil war and the installation of their fearless leader as dictator-in-chief. Many elected politicians supported their efforts both overtly and covertly, leading to the violent insurrection of January Sixth, 2021.

When that failed they attempted to whitewash a reality that could not be denied as it was caught on hundreds of video streams, many taken by the insurrectionists themselves, so confident that Trump would prevail that they incriminated themselves in the process.

This history we all know, though there is a great attempt to rewrite it, a great attempt that stands out for how un-great it really is. They have no facts on their side so they make up stories designed to create great fear among their factually challenged believers.

The American people, including many Republicans, are not buying this bag of lies and paranoia. We are not entirely a stupid, racist country, though these men believe we are and seek to capitalize on it.

But the storm is here and it is not going their way, no matter how much they bluster on media outlets that only exist to profit from their baloney. Every day more tales come out, from stuffing toilets in the White House with incriminating documents to meetings in hotels amongst House members, crackpot legal ‘experts’, and the inner circle of crazies.




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