There is Something Seriously Wrong in the World Right Now

You can feel the darkness falling

2 min readApr 4, 2022


Photo by Eilis Garvey on Unsplash

It is spring, the season of rebirth, a time of optimism. But there is no spring in Ukraine this year. Something has happened to the Russian people as their young soldiers are indiscriminately slaughtering civilians, leaving shackled bodies in the street after they were executed.

Bodies of children, mothers, the elderly. These are not military targets and these murders are casualties of war, they are victims of crimes against humanity. We know Putin is a tyrannical maniac, but his soldiers in the streets shooting people seem to have succumbed to some kind of terrible disease, a disease which has taken any shred of their humanity from them.

During WWII, the world did not see images of the Holocaust and the mass graves found across Europe until the Allies liberated the camps after the end. The Germans had hidden the horrors of what they had done.

Now we see these terrible images daily everywhere we turn. And you can feel the collective horror as the world realizes just how insane Putin is.

They say his war is popular in Russia, but we cannot judge the true sentiments of the Russian people, when to speak out is to be imprisoned and there is no free media, only Putin’s propaganda constantly telling his own incredible lies about the reality in Ukraine.

They will claim that Ukrainians did this to their own people.

How did we get to this so quickly? How did things escalate into this hell? It could only happen when soldiers revert to barbarism. Regular soldiers, young men who have barely experienced life, now taking it from others on the orders of a distant man with no regard for those soldiers’ fate.

Coming during a Covid pandemic that has killed millions worldwide and in the wake of devastating weather disasters, did we need this, now?

I am not a religious man but I found myself praying for the first time in years out of frustration and an existential dread I feel everywhere.

Because it seems that only a miracle can stop this thing, this darkness that is engulfing all of us.

I admit to feeling a wave of despair, an emotion I have little experience of, as I read and watch the news. And there is no getting away from it.




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