There is a New Class in America: The Irresponsibles

They are not defined by economics, they are defined by selfishness

Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

Since when do oligarchs care about the people?

I have nothing personal against wealth. At my age many of my friends have achieved wealth and they are still humans who care about society. But I have seen a gradual change in some who have separated themselves from anyone who is not in their economic class.

Society cannot sustain this level of selfishness

Societies have fallen because of this breakdown of civility, driven by fear. Entire civilizations have disappeared as their citizens gave up on responsibility. We have seen the beginnings of these breakdowns. January sixth, the refusal of many to take a perfectly safe vaccine or wear a mask, the terrible incidents of racism in our established authorities- all signs of a fundamental downward spiral.

Rebuilding a national sense of pride

I grew up with the universal sense that American shared a pride in country, even while there were many divisions. Our politics need to look forward and find common ground. The new administration is acutely aware of this and is trying to build consensus for major growth plans.

Former software marketer. Former musician. Writer, nine non-fiction books, two novels, Buddhist, train lover. Amateur cook, lover of life most of the time!

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