The Truth Isn’t 50/50

Enough with this fair and balanced crap



Photo by Cindy Tang on Unsplash

I write opinions. Sometimes they are observations. I’m not a journalist and I have taken no oath to be 100% fair and balanced, nor am I sticking to a single point of view. I skew liberal, sometimes progressive, but I draw a line at the idea that we need to give equal time to both sides of every story.

Life and the truth are not fair, especially when it comes to my favorite topics, politics and climate change. For example, I’m not being fair to oil and gas companies who bought congress to accomplish two things: to create denial and doubt about the biggest disaster in human history and to pretend that fossil fuels are not the cause.

Because those two things are true. Our consumption of oil, gas, and coal caused global warming and the fossil fuel companies have known this and covered it up for our entire lives. For profit, money, executive bonuses that go to people with grandchildren who sold their grandchildren’s future for cold hard cash.

Is there another side to that right now as we watch practically every nice place on the planet becoming uninhabitable? Why would we pretend there is, in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus and evidence?

And why does an obviously mentally ill person have the support of an entire political party regardless of what he says or does? The man has run penny ante scams for his entire life. He’s a con artist and not even a very good one.

Remember Trump University? How about Trump Vodka? We elected a shill for shoddy products with his name smeared all over them. That’s on us. But knowing just how horrible this guy really is and how far he will go to get back in office, why does anyone give him equal time?

CNN tried it with that Town Hall broadcast and even pandered directly to him by loading the audience with diehard MAGA nutcases. And Trump ran right over the host, breaking every rule of civility. Rules which, thanks to him, no longer apply in America.

He gets a fair shot? Not from me. Moderate GOP members of Congress may be able to see the emperor’s new clothes but I don’t and I’m not going to pretend what I do see is anything but a hideous old fat guy wearing orange makeup and lying through his teeth at…




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