The Trump Dream is Going Up In Smoke

Justice might actually prevail

3 min readAug 6, 2022


Photo by James Adams on Unsplash

Six years of crap, racism, misogyny, weird evangelical outliers, and actual illegal activity out in the open, and now it appears to be unraveling, fast. Alex Jones, the Mouth Who Cannot Control Itself, ordered to pay almost $50 million in punitive and compensatory damages to the Sandy Hook parents of just one of the children killed in that mass shooting.

He was making as much as $800,000 a day spouting that it never happened, an alternative reality beyond imagining a few years ago. Good riddance to a guy who found a profitable schtick saying horrible things. And shame to those who rewarded him for that. May he rot in hell.

Ok, buddy, calm down, you’re getting off subject.

Actually, I’m not. Kansans voted down the abortion amendment to their state constitution, restoring a right to women. The economy appears to be bouncing back from the pandemic. People like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone are being rudely awakened from their weird dreams of running some kind of…I don’t know what they want, besides being in the news.

The Trump White House people are on the ropes and most are showing their true colors and abandoning their fantasies about a man who was never anything more than a grifter. The Select Committee Investigating the Events of January Sixth 2021 has turned out to be devastatingly competent at uprooting the rot installed across our government by a failed President and his cronies.

The actual President, Joe Biden, is unpopular but his foes, are even more unpopular, as is the entire governing structure of the country that not only let this stuff happen but encouraged it. But Biden is having a spectacular week. They killed the head of al Qaeda. They forced Republicans to pass legislation protecting vets from dying from exposure to toxic smoke, a law they passed then reneged on in vengeance for something the Democrats did. Humiliation, deserved.

We are finally about to pass legislation to do something about climate change, which is a real problem, unlike most of Trump’s baloney. It’s World War Three. And huge, profitable corporations will have to pay at least 15% of their profits in taxes. Drug prices might even go down. And unemployment is at 3.5%, its lowest…




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