The Terrible Miscalculation of Hamas

And the failure of Netanyahu’s hate



Photo by Benjamin Recinos on Unsplash

Now what? That’s the question nagging me right now as I watch the endless news coverage and outrage over the Hamas insane terrorist action in Israel and watching Israel opt for what can only be called furious revenge.

Revenge is justifiable, except it is not. This seems to be the stalemate right now in the Middle East, where revenge is a traditional right going back millennia. The problem with Israel’s revenge and it is terrible, is what happens after the dust clears and the blood is washed away?

There was a scary concept during the Cold War called brainwashing, a kind of comprehensive hypnosis by Soviet Russia designed to reprogram people’s brains, until they can do unthinkable things.

Hamas has been brainwashing young men in Palestine and the Middle East to the point where it appears the entire terrorist organization is brainwashed into unthinking hate for Jews. We just saw the products of that hate, but what exactly did it accomplish?

Just more of the same on both sides. Netanyahu built his reputation as a purveyor of hate and mistrust, not because he is a patriot, but because it gave him a political power base. That’s my cynical opinion, but it has been his playbook for years.

Bibi was reliant on the vaunted Israeli intelligence machine, widely considered the best in the world. They would make sure his violent rhetoric was tempered by their ability to foresee and stop any serious terrorist acts.

They failed and now he is faced with a real war, something he has alluded to as he pretended to be a tough guy, but that never was a reality on the scale we see right now.

The Israeli military is doing what they are trained to do, which combined with the ferocious desire for revenge, means scorched earth in Gaza. The announced goal is total destruction of Hamas, understandable.

Except that Hamas is a virus, not an army. You cannot kill off a virus with a war, without killing the victim; in this case, the Palestinian people and the hope of a self-governed Palestinian homeland.

The cycle is kill, get killed, get angry, and continue the loop of death with no end in sight. Hamas’…




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