The Republican Party May Disintegrate in 2024

Irreconcilable differences? It’s looking likely

5 min readSep 28


Photo by Baptiste Buisson on Unsplash

Despite the rattlings of Fox and the MAGA news outlets, the Republican Party is in danger of a serious splintering next year, as hard core obstructionists tear it to pieces. And their presumptive leader is not capable of unifying anyone; it’s just not in his nature.

With the imminent and unnecessary shutdown of the government we are witnessing anarchy in action, as leadership weakly struggles to even get GOP members to talk to each other. Speaker McCarthy will almost certainly be out, possibly within days, and there is no obvious successor.

After all, who would want the job?

Who is conspicuously absent in this mess? The Democrats and most Senate Republicans. The Dems are lying low and letting their opponents tear each other to pieces. As for Trump, he spends his time skewering any members of his own party who threaten to try and govern, while he promotes the government shutdown.

It’s his hope that in the resulting chaos his court cases will become forgotten or even cancelled. The logic behind this is nonexistent at best, but he knows he has no other recourse.

The guy isn’t running for President, he is running to try and save his ass. No other way to put it, the guy could care less about the Party or the future.

And he is their best hope for unity? He hates the word.

Outside of the House, the Party apparatus has decided that backing popular issues like women’s reproductive rights and human rights for non-whites, LGBQT, immigrants, non Christians, and basically anyone not white is bad policy. But they seem to forget that when you eliminate everyone, except intolerant white Christians, there’s not much left.

Last night the Party held its second primary debate, a pointless exercise that just makes them look even weaker as a field of wannabes spent most of the time taking potshots at each other. Once again, GOP members are going after their own rather than the opposition.

I did not watch the debates for two reasons. First, it was broadcast on Fox News, a discredited fake media outlet that was legally forced to admit it had a corporate policy of…




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