The Relationship Between Debt and Fear

Have you ever woken up at night worrying about how you were going to pay?

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The burden of uncertainty

For me, the amount I make was not always relevant to the amount I have had. In my best six figure years, I often had less money than when things were tight, workwise. And, in hindsight, I honestly cannot tell you where it was going. I just upped my spending as my salary went up. It was total foolishness.

What didn’t work

First, for the record, I have a whole shelf of books on investing, personal finance, getting organized, etc. I have kept spreadsheets, organized my files multiple times, and tried other things to break my financial incompetence. But I wasn’t dealing with the real problem.

I’m not exactly sure what my trigger for change was

It started when I signed a lease for an expensive loft apartment in a newly developed building. It was a bit of an impulse thing that would raise my living space costs by 75%. The apartment I was and still live in was in a great area in an old building once considered luxury. But that was back in the fifties when it was built.

I went from almost no savings to $20k in the next year

I did not go on an austerity budget. I just eliminated some expenses that I rarely took advantage of. I’ve never looked back on those bigger choices (car and luxury apartment). My travel preferences are trains and staying with friends when possible. I get books from the library and do not buy processed food. I shop at our big farmer’s market year round where shopping is actually fun and costs a fraction of the big grocery stores.

The big shifts

First of all, no more waking in the night stressed about money. In fact, no stress about money at all. I had not realized how much my prior habits had created stress until I dealt with it. With less stress came less self-medication and less spending as a form of self-medication.

Former software marketer. Former musician. Writer, nine non-fiction books, two novels, Buddhist, train lover. Amateur cook, lover of life most of the time!

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