The Lure of Power, the Disease Crippling the US Government

Dishonest, unethical, hypocritical, greedy, and cold-hearted behavior



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The desire to have and wield unfettered power has always existed and that desire causes people to do and say things that society finds abhorrent. But we, as a society, developed standards and a veneer of civility that kept that desire hidden, creating the illusion of democracy.

And, as cynical as that sounds, it worked. If we pretended to respect and like all those we worked with, many rose to that challenge and found a way to govern our huge, unwieldy country. For most of our history, elected officials followed unspoken rules of civility, even with opponents they privately loathed.

Those rules no longer apply to the Republican Party, and their willingness to discard them has crippled our government.

Serious drug addicts always eventually reach a point where their need and desire outweighs any other thing in their life. Values and compassion take a back seat to the next high. But anyone who has experienced addiction knows that there is no high for the addict, there is only temporary relief.

Until the next dose or drink.

The events of the past year in the Republican controlled House of Representatives have taken our government down a dangerous and ultimately selfish path to chaos. Power is the drug they seek and they have reached that point where nothing else matters.

That darkness has always been there but that veneer of civility has held it at bay. Until a sociopath was elected president and gave us an example of a man in power who cared nothing for other people, the nation, or humanity as a whole.

Only his own need for power and adulation mattered, and his party embraced his blatant disregard for the American people and the requirements of governing the most powerful and wealthy country on the planet.

And here we are, going nowhere, getting nothing substantive done, denigrating colleagues, lying to the voters, fixing elections wherever possible, and hiding our decisions behind closed doors.

The phrase, the rule of law, appears constantly in the media, from the lips of pundits, and…




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