The GOP Played Divide and Conquer, Now it’s Their Turn

They are at each other’s throats



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

This all has entertainment potential. There’s a storm brewing in the Republican Party and it has nothing to do with Democrats, libtards, or most of us. The party, which, under the guidance of Donald Trump, employed a divide and conquer strategy to win in 2016, is now facing its own split.

There are signs everywhere that they have lost any coherent platform as they divide into Trump vs. Pence factions and the far right goes after the just sorta right. And it looks like a party that is beginning to panic with a lot of blaming going on instead of leadership.

Their leadership is in disarray. McCarthy appears to be a dim-witted incompetent obsessed with being Majority Leader. McConnell can’t hide his disgust at the Trump wing, disgust based on watching their midterm landslide slide out of their fingers. Meadows was reportedly in a daze on January 6th, staring at his phone and ignoring the pleas of his aides and lawyers.

Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short testified in front of a Justice Department grand jury this week and yesterday dismissed Matt Gaetz, saying he would soon be in jail as a sex trafficking pedophile. De Santis may be popular in Florida but to the rest of the country he just comes across as an opportunist grabbing any nutty issue that will get him in the news.

Pence and Trump are actively campaigning for competing candidates in multiple states. And then there is that disgraced Trump-endorsed senate candidate in Missouri who runs ads advocating hunting down and shooting anti-Trump Republicans, aka RINOs. On top of all this, two Murdoch publications, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal ran editorials criticizing Trump.

That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Over all this discord looms the specter of the ongoing January Sixth hearings, with their overwhelming evidence of a massive conspiracy to violently take over the US government. Evidence entirely provided by Republicans, many with very close ties to the Trump White House.

Add in the abortion ban that instantly alienated women across the country and the beginnings of a right wing anti-gay movement working to repeal same sex marriage and…




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