The Anger Merchants: Why is Everyone Mad As Hell?

The right burns with manufactured righteousness

4 min readJun 6


Look at the daily portraits of the new GOP campaign trail. Every face seems contorted in a crazed look of fear combined with vindictiveness. Now, ask yourself, when is the last time you or anyone you know looked like that?

You know, mouth open, eyes burning holes in the world, snarls emitting from somewhere deep inside.

What the hell are they so angry about, all the time? After all, they are governors, House members, ex-Presidents, ultra wealthy, and floating on top of the attention pyramid. I can think of one face so dark I cannot imagine him smiling.

That happens to Stephen Miller, the craziest Trumper of them all, the guy who literally hates everyone. His own family won’t have anything to do with him. And he is as close to the extreme right in American politics as anyone can get. Behind the scenes of course.

This is a guy you really don’t want to feature in a campaign. I’m guessing he has been punched in the face more than once.

The leader in this portrait gallery of fake indignation is of course Donald Trump, who is simultaneously the eternal victim and the indomitable ruling force of the Universe. At least in his mind.

He has his snarl down. And he pulls it out at every photo op.

Except when some guy gets a picture of him when he is not aware he is being observed. Then we see a worn overweight pale-faced guy who looks like he could simply drop dead at any moment.

That’s the would-be leader of the free world. A tired old man who can still pull his anger out when needed, typically in ALL CAPS. But he has a legion of followers, not enough to win anything, who drank the koolaid and no longer have the ability to think for themselves.

Because if they did it would be like waking up from a nightmare and realizing you narrowly escaped doom.

Then there are the always angry but not very logical ones. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Matt Gaetz. Comer. Jordan. You get the picture. Oh, and George Santos who lied his way into the limelight but left a trail of deceit so glaring that he now faces jail time. His expression is faintly obstinate but obviously layered with fear.

Who am I leaving out from this gallery of faces I would love to never set eyes on again? Ron…




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