Ten Observations About Money and Medium

I’m not obsessed. Really.



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I just happen to be interested in data and what it tells me so far. But until I had published over three hundred articles, I didn’t have enough to draw any conclusions. But even these observations are just speculation and rumor.

One: writers think too much about money

This one is simple. I wrote a piece complaining about the constant stream of get rich quick articles and the responses were universally in agreement with me. Readers want something interesting, provocative, or educational. And most are not writers.

Two: sharing on social media does not generate dollars

Why? Because readers on Facebook, Twitter, and others are unlikely to be paying Medium subscribers and they are the ones who pay the bill. This site is royalty-based in that articles keep earning as long as Medium readers read them, not visitors. If building a presence on social media is your goal, by all means share. But understand that 10k views from Reddit won’t add up to big bucks most of the time. When it happened to me I made a grand total of $2.00.

Three: this is how much a 1000 views should be earning

If you get 1000 Medium views with a 50% read rate you should be earning $20–30 per thousand views, but this also depends on the length of the article. Short Forms don’t really make money. See number eight to see why.

Four: quantity is a factor, a big one

Staying on the radar requires a steady stream of articles on a variety of subjects. Even if you are distributed (curated) or accepted to a publication, your work will only stay in feeds for a short time.

However, when a reader reads your article they will go to your page and see the whole list of your stuff. This is how a library of articles can keep earning over time.

Five: unique voices and POV make a difference

I can only speak for myself, but the writers I follow have something in common: they have a unique voice, attitude, and personality that builds over time. If…




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