Republicans Plan Mass Suicide. This is How Cults Die

And they are going to take all of us down with them

4 min readSep 20


Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Someone call the Suicide Prevention Hotline*. An entire political party has decided they have no choice. All must die.

*The actual Suicide and Crisis Hotline is 988. FYI.

There won’t be a dramatic mass koolaid event with House Members keeling over and a deep silence descending on the Capitol. No, it will be far more squalid. Imagine a room full of overtired children quarreling and throwing temper tantrums while deadlines come and go and the law kicks in.

And things stop happening, like lights gradually going out all over the country. Do you have a flight booked in the next month? You might want to rethink that. Air traffic controllers will not be getting paid.

Hurricane or flooding headed your way? Sorry, FEMA ran out of dough.

I could go on and on outlining all the immediate and long term effects of what the GOP is doing in the House, or, more accurately, what they are not doing.

The latter is easy. They are not governing.

Actually they have not been governing for a long time, but now that fact will be slammed into voters’ faces along with doors to government services we take for granted.

Political observers are often the canaries in the coal mines of government. We see things coming before the actual reality hits, tsunami-like. Unlike canaries we don’t simply rollover and die, we start making alarmed noises trying to get others to see the wave just over the horizon.

But it doesn’t matter because once that wave is unleashed, it is inevitable and nothing will stop it.

To be honest, this government shutdown was inevitable which is sad because it has no basis in reality. It is not about reining in government spending. A shutdown going to cost the American economy far more than any imaginary spending cuts.

Law enforcement knows their worst nightmare is a lunatic with a bomb who has no agenda other than to find a crowded place and push the button. Especially when the lunatic will happily take themselves down with everyone else.




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