Republicans and Money: It’s Not Flowing

Maybe donors got tired of paying Donald Trump’s legal bills



Photo by Andre Taissin on Unsplash

Or maybe he is just scaring them off with his crazy.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is almost out of money on the eve of a Presidential election year, and as we all know, big money greases the wheels of national politics. This brings up so many questions it’s hard to know where to start.

First, what does it tell us about how strong Donald Trump’s support is among the nation’s wealthy? Are they starting to have doubts? Despite the Trumpian belief that court appearances are political gold, they also have the effect of making people question his competence.

The NY civil case, which many on both sides dismissed as weak, is proving to be the opposite. First, he has already lost based on the judge’s decision months ago. The circus we are witnessing now is only about the fines and other penalties.

But if I’m a big money GOP donor, presumably a business person, seeing how he and his sons ran their business is pitiful. Their testimony only reinforces our suspicion that Don Jr and Eric are not the brightest lights on the planet.

And their father’s obsession with a court clerk, a weak distraction tactic at best, is now starting to look deranged. He may think he is funny threatening the families of the judge and other court officers, but I’m guessing it has turned off a lot of donors who are starting to see him as a jerk.

And of course, the longer this circus goes on, the bigger those legal bills get. And we know Trump is notorious for refusing to pay legal bills. He is either digging in the mud to find lawyers or being forced to pay huge upfront fees.

In other words, the guy is an incompetent deadbeat and lousy businessman.

And this is only the beginning of the endless court dramas playing out in the next year. But those on the horizon are criminal cases involving things like national security, insurrection, possible treason, and attempts to subvert election laws.

His co-defendants are folding left and right and cutting deals to protect their tattered reputations. It didn’t help that ‘billionaire’ Trump won’t pay their bills either.




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