One Week From Today the US Government Will Begin Shutting Down

Next Friday we will see the Trump Republican plan in action



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The House of Representatives does not return to DC until Wednesday of next week. The first deadline for shutting down the government is Friday, giving them a scant two days to write and pass bills to keep it open and get those bills to the Senate and the President.

It will not happen.

Why? Because nothing happens in this house of Congress. They have no leadership that knows what leadership is, only a hardcore group of right wing government haters controlled by their unhinged candidate for President, an indicted alleged felon.

Unfortunately this is not an opinion, it is reality. With enormous challenges ahead House Speaker Mike Johnson bored his colleagues this past week with a 90 minute evangelical sermon promoting a state religion. The speech was meant to unify his party but all it did was irritate people who know the reality they face.

The Republican Party is facing an exodus of their most reasonable members. 23 have already announced they will not return after their terms conclude. Those left may rejoice at the Party’s capitulation to Trump and his zealots but many will secretly worry at the chaos they are party to.

That chaos will belong to the Republican Party, Johnson, and Trump, no one else. The solutions are simple but they do not want solutions, convinced that the American voters will somehow blame this on President Biden.

What the majority of Americans want is no longer a factor for these people. Alabama’s declaration that a human egg is a human, justified by its Supreme Court justice’s statements that Alabama is a religious state, are wildly unpopular.

This extremism is the place where these people are taking us. Not will take us, are taking us. Constitution be damned.

We have seen the chaos building at an accelerated pace this year. A leading Presidential candidate constantly in court and ranting incoherently about the evils he faces, evils entirely of his own doing. A Congress hamstring by a tiny minority of zealots and led in the House by a weak man who was chosen for his weakness.




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