One Good Thing: Grey Weather and Dumbbells

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Day five: I really just couldn’t resist that headline

So, these daily Coronavirus pieces are an indulgence for me, a way to document things I’m noticing as the world gets turned upside down. We are, like it or not, witnessing history as directly as it gets. In a few days, everyone becomes experts on pandemics and we discuss herd immunity (bad) and why Russia has no cases (my obsession, for what it says about information control in that huge country). Meanwhile, I walk to the grocery to see what came in since last time, which was two days earlier.

Reality sets in. Last night I got a text from a very close friend and ex-love in the Bay Area. She has been assessed, after being sick for days, at Stanford as likely having the virus and will be tested in the next 24–48 hours. Why the assessment and delay? Limited test availability. Process that. A multiple day delay in one of the richest areas in one of the richest countries on the planet because we don’t have tests. Multiple days could mean life or death.

A few days ago, I could be heard saying that this will not hit home until we each know someone who has the virus. And now I know someone, someone important to me. And it is real. I get angry at those tv images of moronic kids partying on beaches and feeling invulnerable. I could care less, if their actions didn’t have consequences. My sick friend is a college professor and likely got it from a young person.

I have always been a weather mood person. Grey, cold and damp: ugh. Sunny: happy face. Spring starts at 11:59 pm today. It will be mild. I’m told that this fog this morning will burn off, so I guess I can burn off my sadness. But what about those dumbbells?

I’m including a picture of my minimal home gym set up. I live in an apartment and I moved the bench to my living room to ensure I do not ignore my routine. Routines are the framework we use to keep life moving forward. As it inevitably does. Which I celebrate. Another day.

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