Nuclear Secrets? This Scandal Just Got a Lot Worse

What was he going to do with them?

3 min readAug 12, 2022


Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

I can’t fathom what goes on in the minds of Donald Trump and his inner circle. Treason? Greed? Insanity? Just utter stupidity? We are going to learn what is in those papers the FBI seized and the Washington Post reports that they contain nuclear secrets.

I need to note here that this has not yet been verified, but that may change later today since it appears they are going to reveal the subject of the seized documents, that is, whatever they can legally make public.

This is literally a bombshell. Actually more like a barrage of bombings, as seemingly every hour this whole story gets worse. It’s hard to keep up with. Garland called the right wing screamers’ bluff by announcing that he will release the reasons why he authorized the search warrant and seizure of ten boxes of documents from Trump’s Mar a Lago.

Garland has nothing to hide and apparently holds all the cards. But the question has always been why was Trump holding onto this evidence of wrongdoing? Was it worth that much to him? What was he going to do with it?

If the docs contain classified information about nuclear weapons, technology, or what we know about the nukes of other countries like Russia or China, there are only a few conclusions we can draw about Trump’s possible motivations and they are horrifying.

The man’s mind is always on money, so it’s possible he thought he could sell them to someone like the Saudis. Or use them as bargaining chips to get help in his quest to take over the US government. Something like that.

Why else would he risk everything?

We know the guy likes risk but we also know he is really bad at leveraging it into success. This man started out life with an estimated $400 million and should be worth at least twenty times that by now, even with very conservative investments.

But maybe he is actually worth nothing, or in debt in ways we cannot imagine. Pure speculation, but in the storm of scandal we see now it’s easy to forget that he may owe the Russians billions, loaned via conduits like Deutsche Bank. His own son bragged years ago that they did not need conventional banks anymore because…




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