No, Joe Biden Did Not Make Your McDonald’s Meal Cost $16

This is ridiculous.



Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Everything is someone else’s fault, usually someone you disagree with politically, or you read about on social media.

A reminder: TikTok is a Chinese company that probably is collecting your data and the data of millions of Americans. Same for Temu.

Maybe you should think about that instead of McDonald’s. Maybe Mickey Dee is just jacking prices to make more money.

Joe doesn’t have anything to do with gas prices either. Take a look at oil company profits in the past three years. They are many times higher than any time in their history.

America is suffering from a victim mentality. Everyone is doing something to us whenever anything changes. Media manipulators know this and they love it. They can go to someplace like the Republican National Committee and say, we can blame Biden for the cost of hamburgers.

We can even get the oil companies to keep raising prices and making money and blame him. They’ll even donate some to your guys.

If you bitch about these prices maybe you should spend two seconds considering how prices work, not automatically looking for someone to blame. There’s blame, but because some yahoo on tv says Joe did it, doesn’t make it true.

Maybe your guy did it to win an election. Maybe you are the stooge.

No, it had to be the guy I don’t like. Did you ever consider the possibility that the only reason you don’t like them is because some pundit on TV or social media told you to?

Or that maybe some dictator like Putin paid them to do that so Americans would stay at each other’s throats?

Are you just plain dumb?

I don’t think so, but a lot of you are acting pretty stupid and the rest of us are sick of it. Not everyone is doing things to you. Not everything is someone else’s fault. That’s the simple and dumb way to cope with reality.

So, if you are not a dumbass, why are you repeating dumbass stuff like blaming the President of the United States for burgers being expensive?

Warning: sometimes you may be required to think logically. For example, who has more…




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