Moderate Republicans and Moderate Democrats Have To Work Together

There is no other way to save the nation

3 min readSep 22


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The government will be shut down eight working days from now as I write this. Kevin McCarthy gave up and sent his House home for two reasons: first because they couldn’t agree on anything and were sharpening knives for each other. Two, he was about to lose his position as House Speaker, an inevitable act, like the shutdown.

Things are out of control and there is no Republican leadership in the House. It is pure mayhem and that is entirely intentional. The Freedom Caucus is nothing more than a bunch of spoiled dysfunctional children all trying to get their way and throwing temper tantrums.

This is not an exaggeration. The problems our government and nation face are real and terrifying and no one seems to have any idea how to change this, how to break the gridlock. But there is a way, and it is one the Freedom Caucus and their leader Donald Trump fear beyond anything.

We can fix this thing but it would require enormous bravery on the part of the quiet members of Congress, the moderates on both sides who have the numbers but not the will. They need to wake up now.

But a leader is needed and I’m not seeing one no matter how hard I look. That’s not surprising as bucking the system these days is political suicide. Defy Trump or Party leadership and you will be sacrificed by your own party members because defying Trump is widely considered crazy.

But is his power really that unbeatable? How would we know if a group of bipartisan saviors were to conspire to undo this insanity, testing and defying his supposed power. Just what exactly would he do to them?

The key to making this work would be a powerful communication plan designed to call out every single member blocking the function of the government, and labeling them for what they are: treasonous.

Extreme? Definitely, and it would only work if it is completely bipartisan, 50/50 and only focused on starting the government up again and doing its job governing the nation.

True bipartisanship means putting the nation first and not attaching pet projects to the goal, a nearly impossible project in our…




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