MAGA is Not a Party, It’s a Cult

Here’s why that matters

3 min readOct 8, 2021


Photo by Tolga Ahmetler on Unsplash

I think I finally figured out why the Republicans are going all in on the Trump zoo. They are terrified.

They’re afraid he will start his own party, which would destroy the GOP, and it’s their own fault. The reality is that they have no base. So, they are desperately trying to keep him in their camp. But they don’t get what is actually going on.

The MAGA camp is not a party, it’s a cult. It fits every description. They have a charismatic leader who demands undying devotion and obedience. They have a set of beliefs that have no basis in reality and they are willing to commit violence to defend them. They have a brilliant, opportunist media ally in Fox News, which masquerades as a legitimate news source.

There is an entire language that Trump constantly reinforces. The Big Lie. Stop The Steal. Make America Great Again. These slogans, which is all they are, are constantly repeated. We tend to start believing lies if we hear them often enough.

Trump knows this.

He has used these techniques all his life to build a myth of himself and his accomplishments, all of which can’t stand to be examined in the light of day. We underestimated him in 2016. This combined with the disastrous choice of Hilary Clinton as the presumptive president-elect created the shocking reality that the country elected a blatant grifter to the highest office in the land.

The Republicans were a party with no ideas, beyond obstructing any progress that might make Democrats look functional. Then Trump came along and brought a storm of enthusiasm with him. He worked the crowds and stirred up disenchantment, racism, and division, making everything into an ‘us vs. them’ story. And, because he called himself a Republican, they got excited.

Except, Trump is not a Republican. He only believes in one thing: himself. Since the election, which he legitimately lost, he has shown this repeatedly, constantly turning on anyone who disagrees with him, especially if they are Republicans.

This could be a turning point for Dems. We should be encouraging this split within the GOP. We should start our own campaign to encourage Trump to take his base and go on his own. There’s a good…




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