“I’ve decided I should be on the pardon list” -John Eastman

He may have decided, but Trump did not pardon him

4 min readJun 17, 2022


Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash

The third hearing was not the easiest thing to watch. Not only did it clarify the range of crimes conducted by the ex-President, but it introduced us to yet another crazy lawyer who somehow got close to the President, leaping past an army of loyalists with a totally crazy scheme to steal the election from the American people.

It was graphic. And disturbing.

I have never been a fan of Mike Pence, an apparent lackey with some pretty weird ideas about religion and women, among other things. But he came out of this testimony as a hero just when it was critical to our democracy, declining to ignore the Constitution as requested repeatedly by Trump.

The other right winger who has become an object of my admiration is Rep Liz Cheney, the far right Republican who has defied the Trump party and come out as a steely defender of that same Constitution, though it will mean her losing her elected office.

Things have come a long way for me to write that sentence.

So now, we are seeing GOP old school right wingers showing patriotism is not about worshipping a false god President, but about supporting the law of the land. This is reassuring to an old school libtard like me who has wanted to believe there are good people on both sides.

But there are very bad people too and some genuinely certifiable ones too. Those attorneys whose legal ‘logic’ was not logic, but stories concocted to cater to the desires of a mad President desperate to avoid the description ‘loser’. The Biggest Loser.

Apparently there are two kinds of legal approaches to conducting the law. The first is presumably what is intended in law school: to interpret the law to prove innocence or change an interpretation considered flawed.

The other approach is to twist the words of the law to achieve a criminal objective. We had both in the White House on January 6, 2021. There were those who rightly saw their role as counselors to the President, advising him that what he wanted was not legal or possible. And those who simply made up ‘facts’ they knew Trump would grasp at in desperation to protect…




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