It’s Time to Carefully Document Trump’s Decline

There is a story the right doesn’t want us to see



Photo by NIR HIMI on Unsplash

In fact, they are capitalizing on it. The crazier Trump acts, the more popular he becomes, at least that is the assumption. This may be a big mistake by the Republican Party going into 2024, and an opportunity for the Democrats.

Of course the Democrats have shown no ability to take advantage of stories like this, unlike their counterparts at Fox and elsewhere who have successfully portrayed Biden as senile and declining.

Trump’s decline makes Joe Biden look sharp as a tack. But that story is not getting told. And Trump’s crazy is all on the record, like yesterday’s performance in court testimony in NY.

Any other American behaving like that under oath would be found in contempt and viewed as the rude, spoiled child we saw, a grown man whining about fairness and the judge being mean to him.

When is the last time you heard an adult complaining about someone being mean to them?

It would be laughable, but this guy gets a free pass and he knows it. Over the years he has carefully created the idea that he is above the law and that normal behavior is for chumps, for suckers who play by the rules. And it has been incredibly effective for him.

He was the lovable clown rich guy from New York City, brazen and cocky and laughing at the fools around him who followed the rules.

Now the clown act may get him re-elected to the Presidency.

It’s time to build the case that the man is mentally ill, and to use his own speech and actions against him, and to be relentless in the process. There is no shortage of material to work with.

The anti-Trump Republican activist group The Lincoln Project has been very good at this, but they have treated this stuff as a scary joke, not as the serious breakdown we are witnessing, if we only stop and realize that is the reality.

The man is dangerously unstable and increasingly unable to exercise any self-control. Witness his statements about terrorist groups in the Middle East being “smart” in the wake of the October 7th atrocities in Israel.




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