Is Russia Boiling Over? The Rumors Get Weirder Every Day

Anyone who tells you they know what is going on is full of it

3 min readMay 29, 2023
Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

A place on the Ukraine Russia border named Belgorod apparently was invaded last week by a group of Russian dissidents fighting for Ukraine. Belgorod is in Russia and there are multiple military support locations there. Ammo dumps, staging areas, etc.

How do I know this? To be honest, I don’t. But the Russian rumor mills are rife with the story and you know it is not from their military because it looks really bad. So there must be a kernel of truth behind it.

The story goes further. This seems to have freaked out the leadership so much they are moving seasoned troops out of Ukraine and back into Russia to defend their borders. They are being replaced with green recruits, cannon fodder.

If you pay attention, you hear more. Trains and their signaling systems are being derailed and blown up. Trains are Russia’s primary way of moving troops and equipment around.

Then there are the political things. It looks like various power groups, like Wagner, are taking up positions to take power when Putin fails. Please note, I said when, not if.

What is the end game? The better question is what was the beginning game? Was Vladimir…




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