Inside Dark Russia Bad Things Are Happening

We are hearing rumors of forced conscription with no notice

4 min readSep 23, 2022


Photo by Natalya Letunova on Unsplash

These stories are hard to verify but ring true. The Kremlin has police going door to door and taking men away from their homes and families. Not just young healthy men, virtually any male body they can round up.

They are given no time to prepare; it’s ‘say goodbye and come with us’.

I don’t see how this is going to work in a war against a highly motivated enemy. Russia already has a severe morale issue in their army. Mass desertions, no leadership hierarchy. Antiquated weapons and supplies. Even early in the war we heard of soldiers leaving meals ready to eat (MRE) behind with expiration dates going back to 2000. Looting of liquor stores and homes for booze. Rape and murder of innocents, including children.

Hell on earth, in other words.

What will it take for the Russian people to wake up and overthrow a man obviously crazed with desperation to save face at any cost?

Here in the US we have our own crazed former leader, a man who believes that all he has to do is think a thing and it is done. But he does not have a highly organized and merciless organization feared by the entire public. Not yet.

I personally believe Trump will go down. But as we look at Russia we need to remind ourselves how far this can go. Or look at China and what it is doing to millions of ethnic minorities. Unfortunately there are examples of this across the planet.

By some miracle Russia’s economy is still functioning, though economists think it could collapse at any time. Europe needs to bundle up and stop buying gas completely from them. Cut off the cash flow.

The conscription goals in Russia are said to be more than three times the ‘partial mobilization’ of 300,000 Putin announced. They are going to throw bodies into a meat grinder to make him happy. But I don’t believe he is capable of happiness anymore. If he ever was.

Russia has no equipment for these men, outdated weapons, and no time to train them. Meanwhile the West keeps pouring modern weapons into Ukraine, training their soldiers to use them and tightening the sanctions.




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