If You’re Going to Gag Him, Gag Him

Forget the $10k fines, hit him hard



Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

It’s pretty simple: if you or I were facing a judge and we went after his wife or co-workers on a public forum, we’d be in serious trouble. Our lawyers would be screaming at us, the judge would find us in contempt, and we might end up spending some time in the slammer.

Especially if an appeals court of four judges unanimously voted to gag us legally.

So why does Donald Trump get a pass?

Yes, he was President. So what? There’s this thing, it’s called the rule of law and it is crystal clear: no one is above the law.

I’m truly sick of writing about that. And I challenge anyone to find a public figure in America, besides Trump, who thinks otherwise. There are no Get Out of Jail Free cards, in theory.

In practice, we know the wealthy and privileged get off easy all the time. They don’t go to the same jails, if they go to jail, that the rest of us go to. Because he is a ‘public’ figure, Mr Trump is somehow allowed to say and do anything he wants.

I’m not kidding about anything. He faces charges of stealing classified documents and lying about them. He faces charges for inciting a murderous riot in the hallowed halls of the US Congress to steal an election he clearly lost. He, on a recorded call, implored the governor of a state to cook the vote counts for him. More charges there too.

Not minor charges, and they are backed by mountains of indisputable evidence including the testimony of many close associates and endless video and physical proof.

But in a civil suit he has already lost he gets to publically encourage his followers to threaten the judge, his family, and his co-workers; your fellow Americans doing their job?

He gets fined a few thousand dollars, a fine he probably won’t pay or that will get paid for him. Even if he did pay, he is supposedly a billionaire. Ten thousand bucks for him is like one of us leaving a five dollar tip.


The problem here is that there is no punishment that will shut this guy up. He has no shame and no ability to control himself in any way. And we created him, with our stupid worship of…




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