If You Support Ukraine, You’re Going to Have To Drive Less

The US will be cutting off Russian oil and gas imports

3 min readMar 8, 2022


Photo by Patrick Federi on Unsplash

This is a test of American consumers and business and, for many, it will be a difficult one. But it is a necessary move to support Ukraine and, hopefully, bring Russia to its knees. The vast majority of their economy depends on selling oil to other countries.

The EU is considering similar action.

According to polls, Americans are willing to deal with even higher prices at the pump to support Ukraine. This is the time to do this, while outrage against Russia is high, and our support for the people of Ukraine is very popular. Though I do not own a car anymore, it will affect people like me as the prices for everything go up.

It’s a worthy sacrifice, that is nothing compared to what the Ukrainians are going through. But it’s not just for them. If Russia succeeds it will validate Putin’s belief that Russia’s destiny is to be a great empire. To achieve that he must invade more countries.

Paying more at the pump and for groceries is worth it if it helps stop a world war. The stakes are that high.

Let’s put this sacrifice into perspective. Two years ago we went into a lockdown in the face of a pandemic with unknown implications. And we stopped doing any unnecessary driving. There were few places to go or people to see. My city became a quiet ghost town as traffic dwindled and the streets were mostly empty (I loved it). It was not the end of the world.

We gave up driving to fight a war against a virus that was killing thousands.

I realize this comparison is simplistic. We already face inflation and high gas prices, but we also have a booming economy, or did until Putin did the unthinkable. But we did cut back on many things, across the economy, to stop the disease. And we survived.

The longer term lesson here is that now is the time to go all out on alternative energy, not just for the climate, but to limit the geopolitical power of fossil fuels, power that gives oil producing countries the ability to violate human rights while we look away, because we need their oil.




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