I Won’t Demonstrate for Israel or Palestine

I can’t because it’s not that simple



Photo by Liam Sims on Unsplash

Dead children are why.

A dead child represents the death of hope, and there is no hope in this terror turned war. And no matter whose casualty counts we use, there are a lot of dead children on both sides.

I can’t take the side of anyone killing children or using the phrase ‘collateral damage’. Or the excuse of genocide: ‘we must kill them all’.

No, you must not.

I have friends who have had a falling out over the definition of genocide. This word has become a charged signal, on both sides, though its definition is clear:

“the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

“a campaign of genocide””

~ The Oxford English Dictionary

Other definitions go further by stating that genocide is a defining policy of a particular group against another. Hamas’ stated goal is the death of all Jews, a statement they have repeated many times since the October Seventh terror attacks that brutally murdered 1200 Israelis, mostly civilians, in just one day of a killing rage.

That should be enough to clarify my sympathies. Except it is not, because Israel’s response was not targeted attacks, it was blanket bombing of one of the most populated areas in the world, killing thousands, including thousands of children in Gaza.

50% of the population of Gaza is 15 years old or younger. Children.

I won’t get into the logic of why they are doing this but it has a basis in military strategy. But many in the Israeli Defense Force, or IDF, publicly expressed their desire for revenge, not a legitimate argument for extreme military action.

Nothing is clear to me about either side being ‘right’, both are horribly wrong. And I will not get into which is less or more wrong.

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