I think you can have both- money from professional writing and writing for yourself. I’ve always made a decent living that is related to writing but I’ve also written novels at the same time. These two roles don’t compromise each other. Lately I’ve been writing articles here, and that fulfills another need- to share some of my thirty years as a pro writer. As a way to make money? Who cares? My only issue with a lot of the writing advice here (and there is an awful lot) is that most of it is inexperienced writers advising other inexperienced writers. That’s not a bad thing, but much of the advice is basically silly. One thing I don’t see discussed much is that there are jobs, principally in marketing, that are primarily writing and you can make a very good living.

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Novelist, Tech Marketing Writer, Growth Consultant. I have been a professional writer for over 20 years- 8 non-fiction books and 1 novel, many articles, etc.

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