How the Dalai Lama Unintentionally Improved on the Golden Rule

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“Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

The Golden Rule, highlighted above, has a strong association with western Christianity. Yet the Dalai Lama unintentionally put a Buddhist spin on it, that showed up the differences between the two belief systems.

“If you can’t help someone,don’t hurt them”

The simplicity of this statement belies its complexity. Unlike the Golden Rule, which implies doing things to people, a very Western approach, his statement simply says that if you can’t improve a situation, don’t make it worse. This goes directly to the heart of compassion, which cannot be reserved only for those you feel a connection to, but must be applied to all, especially those who test you. This is the central tenet of Buddhism. And if you cannot be compassionate, don’t make things worse with anger or fear.

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