Hey Republicans, Want to Get Rid of Trump? Ignore Him

He feeds on attention, so starve him

3 min readNov 29, 2022


Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

The man’s stunts are getting tired fast. Hanging out with Kanye and some punk Nazi kid? Really?

Here’s a fact about narcissists: they cannot stand being ignored, ever. We all know Trump hates the word loser, because he has always been one. Take away the $400 mil tax free his daddy gave him and he’d be broke today. Do the math. Anyone who inherited that kind of money in his twenties in a tax avoidance scam engineered by his father should be worth many more billions than he is.

Compound interest over 40 years shows that.

But the GOP is taunting him with the loser label, legitimately, after three election losses (he never won the popular vote), including his dismal slate of endorsees in this year’s midterms. But there is a better way to get rid of his influence on his party.

Pretend he no longer exists. Don’t acknowledge his childish acts to get attention, stop covering him as though he is actual news. It’s nothing but tabloid crap now. Leave that to The New York Post.

If you can do this, the country will thank you for ridding us of constant exposure to his contorted face every time we watch or read the news.

Yes, the MAGA House members will carry on his legacy with their plans to investigate everything the Dems have allegedly done. This is going to backfire spectacularly by the time we go to the polls in 2024. Hopefully by then we will have forgotten that man down in Mar A Lago and his posse of fools and morons.

For a political observer with a taste for the absurd, the new GOP led House will look like a freak show, with a hapless Majority leader unable to deliver on his promises to those MAGA people, and zero actual governing getting done. They are going to be fighting for headlines but the American people will have moved on.

The last election demonstrated that we are already headed there.

And, as Trump fades into oblivion, the devotions of his political worshippers, which are all on the permanent record, will always be there to remind us that they sold their souls to a charlatan.

At least this writer can hope. I’ve noticed something since January Sixth 2021. The Trump supporters I know don’t want to talk about him anymore. He has become an embarrassment. Not just for his people, for all of us.

Ignore that man behind the curtain. We all know he is a humbug, nothing more.

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