Fear of Boredom and Other Writerly Challenges

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Hi followers, let’s figure this winter out

November 2020. If you read my stuff it is probably for different reasons. I write about things that interest me. Writing. Cooking and food. Self-improvement. Freelancing. Psychedelics and the emerging therapies around them. A mixed bag in other words.

Right now I’m looking at winter, shortening daylight, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and the third wave of the pandemic, and trying to develop a coping strategy for all of it. As I write this, the election is a week away and I seriously hope it resolves my addiction to the news.

Medium has redefined the relationship between readers and writers by focusing on that relationship. In the two years or so I’ve been seriously writing here I’ve always assumed most people who read on Medium also write on Medium, but I’m not totally sure that is the case. I have my favorite writers. They are usually those that are thought provoking, that help me see things from a different perspective. They are not the people who write about how to be successful here with tips and tricks. Not my thing.

I think the interesting thing here is seeing writers with their hair down. Not always pretty or interesting or even good, but practicing our craft without expectations. I do write for money. It’s my profession these days, but not here.

I think Medium is on to something with the changes they are making, precisely because it builds a community of relationships. Mutually beneficial relationships. Writers get an audience they can see and hear from, and readers hopefully get a kernel of value from their writing. It’s always my goal, both when I write and when I read.

This little missive is my contribution to that dialog. In some ways my life choices have been driven by a fear of boredom, of stagnating or finding myself repeating patterns that no longer interest me. We live in really unusual times, the most unusual in my fairly long life.

These times place necessary constrictions on my usual ways of breaking those boring patterns: travel, going out, meeting new people. All are harder to do right now. I think change is coming, hopefully for the better. I intend to observe and record what I think is happening. That is one of the ways I plan to avoid being bored this winter. Hopefully the readers that happen upon my stuff find it useful in some way.

Of course you can always cook!

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Novelist, Tech Marketing Writer, Growth Consultant. I have been a professional writer for over 20 years- 8 non-fiction books and 1 novel, many articles, etc.

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