“Everybody is Dying, Nobody is Safe”

The words of a dual American-Palestinian citizen at the border



Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

The winds of war are shifting. Israel has finally invaded Gaza on the ground after something like 7000 missile and bombing aerial strikes. We’ve all seen the unimaginable destruction, the body bags, the stunned children.

And in Israel, just a month or so after the horrific terrorist atrocities by Hamas that began on October 7th, the people are still stunned, and angry. Obviously angry at Hamas- that will never be forgotten or forgiven.

If you are connected to Hamas, you’re a dead person walking. And should be.

But Israelis aren’t just angry at Hamas. They are angry about the massive intelligence failure that simply didn’t see the attacks coming, somehow missing a multi-pronged major attack, obviously planned for a long time and involving thousands of fanatics.

The Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, considered by many to be the best in the world, failed. Why, will be argued for years. But the focus is beginning to zero in on a man who desperately needed a war to bring the military back into his camp, at least for the moment.

Israel is angry with Bibi Natanyahu. Many observers don’t see him lasting much longer. There’s just too much anger and too much death. And fear on both sides. Existential fear. Israel is using the most extreme blunt force to flush out Hamas.

Hamas hides in hundreds of miles of tunnels, many running under facilities like hospitals and refugee camps, by intent. Bunker buster bombs are targeting these terrorists but the collateral damage is horrifying the world and it is being televised.

There is no water, energy, or fuel in Gaza. Internet and cell coverage is intermittent. Some food is getting in but whether it reaches those who need it most is unknown. As of yesterday, a few injured Gazans are getting into Egypt along with foreign nationals, like the woman quoted in my title.

She, with an American accent, but a Palestinian with dual citizenship, is torn about leaving despite the horror of it all. She leaves friends and family with no similar options. It’s easy to imagine she shares this personal conflict with many others.




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