Disaster Dodged But Damage Done

Republican House forced to accept reality



Photo by Piero Nigro on Unsplash

Kevin McCarthy is taking a victory lap, but it’s premature at best. Matt Gaetz, grandstander number one, has declared he will take McCarthy down. It means nothing at this point because we now know the truth.

The Freedom Caucus has been gutted in the past week.

First there was the ridiculous Biden impeachment hearing run by James Comer, a man for whom facts have no role. The hearing was ridiculed by Fox pundits. Even they couldn’t find a shred of anything in this silly farce.

Then McCarthy put a proposal on the table with all the concessions the caucus wanted and they voted it down, proving they are completely full of crap.

It looked like all that was left was the nuclear option. Shut it down and then wait for McCarthy to be replaced, after doing irreplaceable damage to his party. One problem: no one wants the job. Then he did the obvious and collaborated with the Democrats and they got a 45 day reprieve with no cuts except Ukraine aid.

Which will almost certainly be replaced in the next few weeks.

So, to recap, the Freedom folks got nothing, zero, nada. Not only that but they were widely ridiculed by their own people, as witnesses in the impeachment thing clearly said there was no case.

McCarthy may yet hang in there but now the Dems own him. The GOP, as a party, comes out looking like children playing at politics. And their leader, Trump, who has repeatedly called for an unconditional shutdown with no concern for those affected, the economy, or the American public.

His desire for chaos and division, his only strategy, fell to pieces as political leaders defaulted to protecting their own asses. McCarthy for one, cannot reenter the Trump fold. Gaetz, MTG, Boebert, Comer, Gosar, and the rest were revealed as shrill, empty, and completely out of touch with reality.

Kind of a major turnaround in a single weekend, to put it mildly. And the timing! We are just about to enter a Presidential election year and one party is in total disarray. Well, the House version anyway. All of this is vindication for Mitch McConnell who kept his Republican Senate members in check, knowing there…




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