DeSantis Has Nothing, Nada, Zero

What are you offering us, Ron?

3 min readMay 26


Photo by Danny Burke on Unsplash

Governor Ron DeSantis, now officially a candidate for the Presidency in 2024, doesn’t seem to have a clue what being President actually entails. In his very strange announcement interview with equally strange ranger Elon Musk, there was no discussion of policy, issues, or even the debt crisis that may be about to bankrupt the country.

His ‘ideas’ consist of a war on wokeness, which is not an actual thing. It has something to do with northeast-style political correctness where woke people insist on understanding things the Governor does not like including gender issues, liberal education, women’s rights, black history, and other bad stuff.

The irony of Musk, the self-proclaimed champion of freedom of speech in every case, including misinformation, racism, and hate speech, introducing the most famous book banner in the country, is too absurd to contemplate.

But the absurd is what these two man babies have in common.

DeSantis, who served in the military in Guantanamo Bay and has been accused of torture in that prison, doesn’t seem to have a clue about global events like the invasion of a sovereign country, Ukraine, by Putin’s Russia, an event that has the potential to destabilize the entire region or even erupt into a Third World War.

He dismissed it as a territorial dispute.

Given that he is Governor of Florida, you might think he has a pragmatic approach to climate change as his state teeters on the brink of environmental disaster. But no, the word climate doesn’t seem to be in his vocabulary. Another undoubtedly woke thing.

He signed a draconian (the word applies to his every action) ban on abortions after just six weeks, a period when many women don’t even know they are pregnant. But, following the unwritten Republican playbook, he won’t mention the subject.

Presidents deal with all these issues and many others on a daily basis and their actions affect lives materially depending on how successful they are. They don’t get to focus everything on culture warfare and when they try, they fail, vis a vis Nixon and the man DeSantis must defeat, Donald Trump.




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