Day 39: There is Order in the World

Photo by M. Edic

Just not in the human world

I wrote the title of this one yesterday morning after gazing out the window at the chilly but sunny spring day after waking up to the birds- they are getting louder each morning. But the order I saw was natural and contrasts with the disorder we are experiencing on a day to day basis. If we can’t balance these things out, we are likely to start to feel trapped or worse. But I didn’t write more on this yesterday because I had to mull this over.

Almost every day I make a one mile commute, on foot, between L’s house and mine. I’m often walking home late at night when downtown is utterly silent and empty. If I see another figure in the landscape they are generally keeping a low profile. It is a sober world. I walk through the East and Alex corner, the center of nightlife in the city with around a dozen or more bars and restaurants. To see it dark and silent on a Thursday night is sad, though as a neighbor I do not miss the mess we usually face in the morning.

But aside from the sadness of seeing these businesses shuttered with no opening in sight, other things continue. There are at least seven new buildings going up on my route and construction has not slowed. This section of downtown, which has been changing rapidly for the last few years, will be unrecognizable to those who haven’t ventured into the city since the isolation began. Entire streetscapes are filling in, views are changing, and hopefully there will be more dynamism on the streets some day, as a result.

I like seeing the progress the construction workers make daily. Stair and elevator towers go up, steel is unloaded and bolted together, and corrugated metal floor decking goes down, then the process is repeated for each floor. It moves right along and all is in order, or so it seems.

And the flowering trees adhere to their schedules, unaware of the virus so far as we know (though we really don’t know, do we?). More unfolding order. On the human side of the equation, we seem to be finding a new order. It is not to everyone’s liking and I saw a protest against keeping things closed on TV here- if four people with sad hand-lettered signs can be called a protest. Interestingly enough all four wore masks and observed distancing. Better safe than sorry I guess.

These protests are shameful. The protections and precautions we take are for society as a whole. We are protecting everyone else. To cry the blues over this while people are dying is easily the most selfish public act I have ever seen. They represent the disorder. The rest of us are trying to do the right thing, whether it is comfortable or not.

Former software marketer. Former musician. Writer, nine non-fiction books, two novels, Buddhist, train lover. Amateur cook, lover of life most of the time!

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