Day 36: The Quiet World

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‘What most people call power, Buddhists call cravings. The five cravings are for wealth, fame, sex, fancy food, and lots of sleep. In Buddhism, we speak of the five true powers, five kinds of energy. The five powers are faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, and insight.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, The Art of Power

I got my numbering wrong yesterday and published two Day 34s, possibly because the days are blending together. Easily fixed, unlike the predicament we find ourselves in. Nevertheless, those who seek the five cravings want the easy fix. It will take unnecessary deaths and pain to convince them that there is no easy route. There seldom is.

This is a quiet world these days, even in the heart of the city I live in. Silence unmarred by the sounds of many cars. There are of course some but not that constant murmuring river I normally hear outside my office window. That murmur interests me because it changes when the streets are wet and again when they are snow-packed. But now there are quiet stretches.

I am not a writer who requires silence though I welcome it. Oddly enough, as a former musician, I cannot listen to music while writing. My brain still hears patterns there that are in my subconscious. Music is entirely patterns at its heart. Even the emotions are patterns, familiar ones we all have within us. When I’m writing I need to listen to the emerging pattern in the writing, the story.

Watching the news. Over 40,000 Americans have died (60,000 died in Vietnam) in two months.

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