Day 27: Snow, of all things

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Woke up to blowing snow late in the season and thought about the nature of complaining about things you can do nothing about. It would be easy to look out the window and groan at the grey and cold. But what’s the point? I can only think of one person I know who is complaining about the virus and her egotism and lack of compassion, because she is inconvenienced, is startling. Fortunately I have little contact with this person.

It is gratifying that a shared challenging experience creates a universal bond. I am not seeing a lot of negativity towards other humans right now, excepting the right wing supremacists who don’t really seem to like anyone not exactly like themselves. Fortunately, they don’t look too good with conspiracy theories about this disease being fake. There are too many deaths to support that craziness.

I need to get out in the snow and walk. I have the comfort of knowing it will be mild in a day or so and spring will resume uninterrupted. We went grocery shopping yesterday, which was an unsettling experience. Being in a closed place with many other humans and moving as quickly as possible to stock up and get back outside. One of the most mundane experiences has become a little ominous. That’s pretty strange when you think about it.

It’s too early to consider what this will look like in hindsight. Like 9/11, it will almost certainly change our view of day to day life for years to come, if not permanently. How, it remains to be seen, but I think it will be a while before being in a crowd feels natural. Ironically being in a crowded, dynamic social environment is something I crave a bit, but only on the surface, like a kind of nostalgia. The good old days…four weeks ago!

Our world is still the cushiest place imaginable compared to what many are going through. We have the necessities, though for me work has dried up and money is not flowing. I have a strong feeling that will change, though I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve made it this far with a positive mindset, so why start worrying now? It is that grasshopper thing I wrote about. The Aesop’s Fable.

Complaining is like negativity. It generates more dissatisfaction the more you do it. Fortunately the opposite is also true. Compassion generates more compassion and generosity generates more generosity. If this wasn’t true I’d really have something to complain about. I don’t.

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