Day 25: I Got Nothing, Day 26: Outside

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Yup, I had nothing to say about the pandemic, social distancing, or any philosophical ruminations yesterday. Zippo. I did write a thousand words about mindfulness and meditation, but that was an exploration of the difference, and uninfluenced by the virus. But while I was writing this meditative article a landscape worker fired up a deafening leaf blower right outside my window.

My windows have a R value of approximately .5 and that is generous and reflects that they are almost completely shut. So the leaf blower may as well have been in my living room blowing my unread mail around me as I wrote about finding calmness. You could smell the oil and gas. It was delightful.

I do not know if landscaping is an essential business but the guys are out there all over doing spring cleaning and I appreciate it. Just because the human race is sick is not an excuse for our lawns being messy. Seriously though, I like seeing that some people are working in jobs that don’t expose themselves or the rest of us. Mostly people who work outside. Construction workers, landscapers. They’re working and that is good.

It’s good because we cannot put the world on hold indefinitely. This in spite of my belief that we need to go very slow on opening things up again. Very slow. The stats appear to show a tiny improvement, if thousands of people dying and getting sick daily can be called that. But anyone who knows statistics knows there is nowhere near enough data to draw any conclusion. (Btw, that previous sentence is really weird in an interesting way)

But this thing will wind down and when we all emerge from our cocoons, we will want last year’s leaves raked and the grass cut. And there is nothing that degrades faster than a closed construction site. They are graphic illustrations of the concept of entropy, the universal tendency of things to fall apart. An untended world is not what I want to see when we go outside.

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