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We need to unplug the machine and plug it back in

I am a little obsessive about tracking various habits of mine, mostly positive. But the tracking reveals backsliding when I don’t hit my goals. In the past week I’ve definitely been missing some goals, goals that I was doing really well with before this crisis started to hit home. A few too many drinks, slacking on workouts, etc.

This is understandable given the sort of existential dread that is out there, dread that I felt I was avoiding, but realize I was not. It would be unrealistic to pretend this was some kind of wonderful adventure. Last night I felt I’d really like to be able to go into a busy restaurant and make small talk with strangers and casual friends. That is not going to happen.

But the negative things I am either doing or not doing create a mindset that can make things worse. Mental strength comes from being healthy and being healthy, mentally and physically is the most important for us as individuals and as a society.

So, I’m trying a reboot to get my positive stats back up. It’s so easy to let things go, but also not that hard to change direction.

One of things I’m working on is a longer article about the silver linings of this situation, things we can make better in our society for the long term. These include the inevitability of a national health system with centralized staffing, equipment, and other resources on a national level. It is the only long term solution to the pandemics to come.

Remote work is going to change the dynamics of work across the planet. Business travel is going to get a hard look. Remote work is having a major temporary impact on the environment. Air pollution and oil and gas use is down as people are not commuting. We can learn from this. An awful lot of driving and flying is unnecessary. There is an opportunity to change the consumption habits of our society.

Global cooperation and a weakening of the damaging nationalism that was starting to divide us as a global community are possible outcomes. The reality of a pandemic is that borders are imaginary. If you are human you are vulnerable. This links us even as we distance ourselves. This is shared across cultures, belief systems, race, and national interests. Globalism is coming.

There are more potential reboots that I’m learning are possible. We have already made unimaginable personal changes in just a few weeks. As a society, we have to learn and grow from this because there is no going back. The reality is that this virus and others will return and we cannot have the political driven disorganized response we are getting from Washington. Their waffling, dodging, and blaming is killing people, people we know. They need a reboot too. It’s coming in November.

Former software marketer. Former musician. Writer, nine non-fiction books, two novels, Buddhist, train lover. Amateur cook, lover of life most of the time!

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