Day 20 (and 21): April Showers

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Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

Remember when two weeks sounded like a long time? I never thought two weeks would be a milestone and it’s not, not even close. So many friends are spending their days out walking in the woods or along the beach, even on a dreary day like today, and several have noted how nature is oblivious to our problems. It’s strangely comforting to know that only our world has come to a screeching halt!

Day 21: Restart

Yesterday was not good and that’s why these two days’ posts are together. I just couldn’t deal with anything. I’d had a couple of martinis the night before which undoubtedly contributed to my inability to move forward, but I really think it was an inevitable response to nearly three weeks of shutdown.

Fortunately, L had planned a belated birthday dinner for me, and we ate a steak, greens, and fried potatoes which were all delicious and a little reminder that life goes on and on and on. During my walk this morning, the sky was still grey but the air was warmer and you can see that the plant world is waking up. The birds know it. Robins were feasting near a muddy construction site where the worms had risen, driven upwards by the soaked ground. Fat birds.

My normal Saturday morning routine is to go to the Market with B. She will not go anymore, worried about exposure. The Market is a large public farm market that runs year round and it is an essential food resource, especially for city families on limited budgets. Open air except for one indoor shed that scared her last weekend. I’m not scared but she is older and being careful. Can’t blame her.

People I know have the virus. I knew this was inevitable but it still frightens me, not because I am scared (they are in other cities), but because I worry for them. I may be on the verge of being annoying by calling too much but we need these strong connections right now. Facebook doesn’t cut it- still too much Trumpy trolling and fake cure rumors, not to mention stupid memes asking us to post and share. Are we really that bored?

The pandemic news is 24/7 and we are all watching. Cuomo and Fauci are the voices of reason compared to nearly everyone else. I’m hoping Fauci is so popular that they can’t fire him for telling the truth. Cuomo is uniquely bulletproof as governor of NY and he has been masterful in explaining why things have to be this way. Without these two, we would not know what is true and what is speculation or outright lies.

If the sun comes out there is a long walk in my near future. With a makeshift mask in my pocket.

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