Day 19: Time and Patience

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When I started writing this is mid-March I speculated that this thing would probably last till May. That now looks hopelessly optimistic, since May seems very close and we will not hit the apex for weeks. Then we begin the long slow crawl downhill from that awful peak. We hope. Time is elastic, stretching when we are bored and abruptly snapping back when life gets interesting.

Patience, on the other hand, is going to be a challenge. We want this thing to be over and to go back to normal, whatever that will be. It certainly will not be what was before. Lost time is not found again. I am completely certain that meditation has helped me deal with impatience. It is an exercise in patience. I set a goal for my sitting and my mind immediately starts sending a million reasons why it will be too long, why I need to get up now, etc. But after time passes, usually after fifteen minutes or so, I can watch those thoughts and not be tempted to pursue them. Even if they offer up great ideas, diversions, or maybe a strong desire for a BLT (this morning’s temptation).

To be honest, I am impressed by two things during this crisis: the patience most are showing, and the level of compassion going around. We have a degree of shared empathy that I only remember during the days after 9/11, when it seemed that we all shared in a national and personal tragedy. This virus is an intensely personal tragedy and as it expends more of us know someone personally who is suffering. A poll I read today showed a trend that when people know a victim, their allegiance to Trump goes down. Why? Because he is a sociopath, the opposite of an empath.

Yes, I veered into politics and there is reason. There has been a truly outrageous amount of BS being spewed by the right, but the decision to stop allowing people to sign up for health insurance is unbelievable. It indicates that politics and conspiracy thinking about Obamacare overrules everything. There is no reason behind this. It is evil.

Patience goes that quickly if you let it. It is so easy to go off the deep end. The end result of impatience is anger. Time to take a few breaths and watch the Cuomo show for some down to earth calmness.

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