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Don’t get excited, we’re not even halfway

For me these two weeks went by quickly, despite the changes in everything. We adapt pretty quickly to things like hoping the store has eggs or flour this time, but not freaking out if they don’t. So far as I know, wheat still grows and chickens keep laying. I am curious how the next two weeks play out.

I’m not hearing anyone complaining about shelter in place. Apparently we are not the spoiled children the White House thinks we are. Lots of groaning about work but that is just the adjustment to new routines and technology. Nothing about my work routine has changed. I still get texts and Slack messages from European clients at seven am. I guess they time those out to not wake me.

I never was an early riser. Probably from living in the nightlife and music scene as a kid. But I am now. I want it to be dark so I can see the sunrise, when we have a sunny morning. And to hear the birds, especially now that there is very little traffic on my street, which is a main commuter artery. No commuters, or very few. When I can get it together I walk early, but not before coffee- I have not achieved that advanced state of consciousness.

This virus only exists in our world, the human one. The planet hums along just fine, in fact it is probably happier because it is a quieter, cleaner place without us all running around like ants doing whatever it was we had to do a couple of weeks ago. I live next to a hotel that is so empty I’m not really sure they are open. I’m guessing that a lot of businesses will rethink their travel policies after this. And those people with the extravagant weddings may realize they can do these things without spending huge sums. We can hope there is some learning from these times.

Two weeks is nothing. Four weeks is nothing. Don’t fantasize about packed churches on Easter unless you are a sociopath who doesn’t care if people will unnecessarily die to achieve your economic dreams. We are in a dream, or a new reality, and we are adapting.

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